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Local officials with commercial interests in prostitution often protect the practice.

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the best places for prostitution in the world.

More than 10,000 girls are reckoned to be working the trade in Bangkok, and large numbers of them are easy to pick up in bars in some tourist areas. Average metrics of Thai girl 155cm, 49kg and dark hair.Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, although in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated.Prostitution is practiced openly throughout the country.The hookers in Bangkok will happily party with you, if you buy them drinks (slightly more expensive as they include a commission for the girl).When you are ready to take one of the prostitutes home, you will have to pay a bar fine, which is from 300 - 600 baht depending on the establishment.

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Good motorable roads as well as regular bus-services connect Thiruvananthapuram to Calicut-448 kms, Cochin-220 kms, Kanniya Kumari-87 kms, Madurai-417 kms, Kottayam-153 kms, Coimbatore-413 kms, Mettupalayam-450 kms, Kotagiri-484 kms, Coonoor-484 kms etc.

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